Fostering recruitment hub

We are bringing together councils across the UK to share expertise and resources with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of foster carers and reducing the cost of placements through optimised marketing and recruitment delivery. We have developed a range of free and paid-for services to help councils to achieve this, including:

  • Free to use digital marketing assets (on organic channels)
  • Ready-made recruitment campaign strategy and implementation
  • Free-to-use website contact form to maximise the number of online enquiries
  • Benchmarking club to compare and contrast recruitment and marketing performance
  • Search and remarketing delivery
  • Efficient and effective targeted media buying, using data and insight from previous campaigns
  • Audit of fostering applicant journey, from initial enquiry through to panel
  • Support for website/microsite optimisation
  • Regular free webinars providing advice on specific areas of foster carer recruitment
The foster carer recruitment hub is only available to councils and council-owned services.
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Welcome to the foster care hub

We have developed a recruitment marketing strategy that you are free to download and use. The strategy uses our behaviour change model with different marketing techniques at every stage of the customer journey to build awareness, convert awareness into active consideration and then drive action.

The strategy includes digital marketing assets that are free to use on your own channels. If you use us for paid digital media buying, you will also be able to use them free of charge on paid media as part of that service. Email us to book in a conversation about using the strategy and digital asset.

Free to use enquiry form template

The 'gold standard' online contact form for fostering enquiries. Can be adapted, branded and customised for any fostering service.


Foster with your Council

A Simple web link that can be added to your website which lists all the advantages of fostering with a council instead of an IFA.

Website optimisation

Using best practice, we have created a generic microsite that councils can use as their landing page which can be adapted with local content and brand identity.

Take a look at the generic landing site  and book in a conversation with John Cooper on how you can use or adapt it


Real-time campaign dashboard

Look at the latest live campaign evaluation data from Hub members with active campaigns.


Audit of fostering applicant journey, from initial enquiry through to panel

We can review every stage of your customer journey, comparing it with best practice with benchmarking from other councils. Email John Cooper for more details, including price.


Hub members have delivered more than 20 bespoke campaigns. Take advantage of all the data and insight at our disposal about what works and doesn’t work when it comes to targeting audiences online. Book in a conversation with John-Paul Danon from the Council Advertising Network.

Fostering Recruitment - Community Events

Next Events - Webinar

Tuesday 19th July 2022 - Getting the most out of video content

14:00 – 15:00 BST


This latest fostering recruitment hub webinar focuses on community engagement events, and how to make the most of them with limited resources. Rachel Brown from Coventry City Council will share her experience of what works well, in order to generate maximum interest from specific groups.

This event is for:

Anyone working at a council or council-owned organisation that is involved in foster carer recruitment.

Presented by:

  • John Cooper, Westco
  • Rachel Brown, Coventy City Council
  • John Paul Danon, CAN