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Simply put we’re an agency that helps clients to change people’s lives for the better through strategic communications.

We’ve got the public sector’s best practitioners providing organisations with director level advice and guidance, excellent campaign strategists, heads of communications that transform client teams, leaders in crisis communications, advertising creatives and copywriters, award-winning social researchers, reputation managers and government relations specialists, all under one roof.

We believe strategic communications is a powerful tool for good that saves lives but also saves our client’s money. We are a big agency, with big aspirations and creative ideas but with small agency costs because we are from the public sector for the public sector.


Meet the Team

Ian Farrow Headshot

Managing Director of Westco, Ian is an award-winning communications and marketing specialist with substantial experience in politics, local government and the private sector. Ian proudly led Westco to win the CIM agency of 2016 award.

Ian Farrow

Managing Director

Julia Corkey Headshot

As well as being a Director with Westco, Julia Corkey also uses her vast knowledge of internal & external communications, public affairs and research & policy development skills in her role as Westminster City Council's Executive Director of Policy, Performance and Communications.

Julia Corkey

Executive Director Policy Performance and Communications

Christos Pishias Headshot

As well as being a father of four and a Westco associate providing consultancy support on operations and business development, Christos also found time to solo kayak across the English Channel for the Make a Wish Foundation. Christos is also a Director at the Theotokos Foundation for people with learning disabilities.

Christos Pishias

Associate Director

Simon Jones Headshot

Simon is an award-winning communicator and journalist, he’s previously won the UK Newspaper Reporter of the Year award. Simon also has over 10 years’ experience in local government communications and is also currently the Chair of LGcomms - the national network of professional development for local government communicators.

Simon Jones

Account Director & LG Comms Chair

Marcus Chrysostomou Headshot

Westco Senior Account Director Marcus has over 20 years of experience working in communications. This includes the Downing Street Press Office, Kent County Council and running his own PR consultancy. He is also Vice Chair of LG Comms and a member of the PRCA.

Marcus Chrysostomou

Account Director

Jon Lilley Headshot

Jon’s proudest accomplishment to date was working on successful advertising campaigns that have changed peoples' behaviour and saved lives, such as Teens Road Safety and Alcohol Harm Reduction.

Jon Lilley

Executive Creative Director

Dai Williams Headshot

Dai is a qualified CIMA professional with 12 years of Financial experience in both the private and public sector. Dai's range of skills extends further than just being a mathematical genius. Our very own Bermondsey boy was the proud winner of the Gentleman’s cake baking competition at his local fete – secret’s in the measuring.

Dai Williams

Finance Director

Caroline Roper Headshot

Caroline has gained experience in both the public and private research sector before becoming our Executive Research Director here at Westco. Outside of Westco, Caroline occasionally switches off by binge-watching Game of Thrones. She lives a balanced life and also made time to recently go snorkelling in the Caribbean.

Caroline Roper

Executive Research Director

Ellie Firth Headshot

Account Director and Head of Communications at Richmond Council, Ellie started her career as a Communications Assistant, she has worked on a number of high profile campaigns, including the Anti-Heathrow expansion, Rugby World Cup and London 2012 Olympics. Ellie is also a proud Welsh woman who enjoys playing the piano, travelling and shopping.

Ellie Firth

Account Director

Martin Szybut Headshot

Account Director and Head of Communications at Sutton Council, Martin is able to draw on his breadth of experience from working in numerous local authorities as well as consultancy and utility companies. He also enjoys spending his free time with his family and once binge-watched the entire back catalogue of Frasier in one sitting.

Martin Szybut

Account Director

Matt Neylan Headshot

As our community engagement practice lead, Matt is responsible for our agency’s consultation work on a number of development schemes in Central London. He joined us in 2017 after three years as a Director at the London Communications Agency. Matt specialises in community engagement approaches with a wealth of experience in co-creation with residents, consultation and communications.

Matt Neylan

Practice Director

Steve Edwards  Headshot

Account Director and Head of Communications at Wandsworth Council, Steve can otherwise be found at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea. His proudest achievement to date is organising the Manic Street Preachers to open Cardiff Council's new central library.

Steve Edwards

Account Director

Jen Compton Headshot

Jen leads our Research team, she is continuously working with numerous local authorities and other public sector organisations. She previously worked for the NSPCC’s Insight Team and the Home Office in their Research, Development and Statistics department, specialising in crime and disorder research. Her proudest work accomplishment was helping Westco achieve ISO status as a research team.

Jen Compton

Research Director

Charlotte Parkins Headshot

Super talented Assistant Creative Director here at Westco, Charlotte spends her spare time enjoying the things she loves – watching West Wing and whisky tasting, not necessarily at the same time.

Charlotte Parkins

Assistant Creative Director

Felicity Wade Headshot

Felicity is our very own explorer, in-between her solo adventures around the world she can be found buried in spreadsheets and surrounded by tea and doughnuts – whatever it takes to keep our design studio on-point.

Felicity Wade

Project & Studio Manager

Grant Charland Headshot

Internal Communications Lead at Westco, Grant grew up wanting to be an MP. He went on instead to specialise in marketing and communications and has gained over 10 years’ experience from the financial and public sectors. His proudest accomplishment to date is winning a national award for music composition.

Grant Charland

Internal Communications Lead

Panos Chatzinikolaou Headshot

Panos is an Account Manager for Westco, a keen volunteer and talented musician. His proudest accomplishment to date is being part of the Grenfell response team, working towards rebuilding trust between residents and the council.

Panos Chatzinikolaou

Account Manager

Martin Crank Headshot

Westco’s Communications and Engagement Manager and long-suffering Stockport County fan. Martin worked on delivering the first council-led regeneration scheme in the country at Hanwell and is a keen fundraiser for an adoption support charity.

Martin Crank

Communications and Engagement Manager

Lynette Dixon Headshot

Lynette is our Digital Communications Officer and, when she’s not at work, she enjoys shopping, cooking and binge-watching BBC dramas. Lynette has also had one of her articles featured on the first page of Reddit.

Lynette Dixon

Digital Communications Officer

Jane Dogboe Headshot

Not only is Jane a brilliant e-communications advisor here at Westco but she’s also a busy and proud Mum to her boys. Jane’s hobbies include sewing and (thanks to us and the kids), sleeping.

Jane Dogboe

e-Communications Advisor

Lucy Donaldson Headshot

Lucy has always had a love of all things nature. After growing up on a farm, she ventured to Costa Rica to help safely release baby turtles into the wild – our very own David Attenborough. When Lucy comes to work she smashes it, both in the work sense and the physical sense. We try not leave anything fragile near her desk.

Lucy Donaldson


Tim Jones Headshot

Before joining Westco Tim Jones was a regional newspaper editor and has over 18 years of experience in media at local, regional and national level. Tim isn’t just good with words, he once rode a camel across the Sahara Desert.

Tim Jones

Media Manager

Nathan Heins Headshot

Nathan is one of Westco’s Designers and, in his spare time, enjoys photographing and drawing wildlife. He volunteers at his local Salvation Army and was a winner of the Westco Calm Under Pressure award.

Nathan Heins


Sarah Hillman Headshot

Our Film Officer Sarah can be found perusing charity shops, doing Pilates or binge-watching Homeland. She’s also a proud mother of three and still takes her coffee decaf!

Sarah Hillman

Film Officer

Sandra Brathwaite Headshot

Account Executive, social butterfly and a positive force to be reckoned with. Sandra is an asset to the Westco team and even studied counselling part-time to help her better understand people’s reactions.

Sandra Brathwaite

Account Executive

Harvey Sandhu Headshot

After graduating from Manchester University with a degree in Management, Harvey worked in both the public and private sector before becoming Westco’s Marketing Executive. His proudest achievement was receiving a UK Government scholarship to study Mandarin in Shanghai.

Harvey Sandhu

Marketing Executive

Rishi Moulton Headshot

Rishi is an Insight Executive here at Westco and was responsible for presenting research findings on Wolverhampton's Place Marketing Strategy, an innovative project for a client dedicated to making a difference to people’s lives.

Rishi Moulton

Insight Executive

Andrew Rees Headshot

A keen sailor, as well as Senior Designer at Westco. Andrew’s proudest accomplishment to date was producing a magazine for London 2012, he has also watched Breaking Bad (in its entirety) three times – dedication.

Andrew Rees

Senior Designer

Jordan Ross Headshot

Jordan is our Senior Account Executive here at Westco. When he was younger he wanted to be Indiana Jones, when that didn't work out he chose to work in all things marketing and communications. He works best when filled with tea and iced buns.

Jordan Ross

Senior Account Executive

Louise Sheridan Headshot

Previous to joining Westco, Louise worked at several different charities, leading on media engagement for the DFID funded ICS programme at VSO. Our Campaign Manager and in-house fitness fanatic, if it’s not work, football or half-marathon training keeping Louise busy, then it’s her two family Golden Retrievers - affectionately known as ‘The Girls’.

Louise Sheridan

Campaign Manager

Jenny Trieu Headshot

After completing her degree at Ravensbourne, Jenny became our Graduate Designer. As well as being a huge fan of adventuring and the arts, Jenny has already visited her ‘bucket-list’ destinations, including Hong Kong, Japan and New York.

Jenny Trieu

Graduate Designer

Laura Stevenson Headshot

Laura is our Business Marketing Officer at Westco, a keen traveller and dedicated fundraiser. When she’s not in the office, Laura can be found at the rowing club or on the River Thames.

Laura Stevenson

Business Marketing Officer

Lyle Skipsey Headshot

Media Officer, keen traveller and part-time BBQ doyen, Lyle’s proudest achievement so far was being selected to take part in the work exchange between the UK and New Zealand parliaments. He was also a vital part of our team on the Full of Life Fair.

Lyle Skipsey

Media Officer

Anne Holdsworth Headshot

Splitting her time between Paris and London, Anne is our fiercely passionate communications manager. She thrives on socially conscious living and exploring new cultures. At Westco, she is all about discovering new ways to deliver results, applying energy and fresh ideas to achieve to help improve lives.

Anne Holdsworth

Communications Manager

Effie Lochrane Headshot

Effie is back in London after living in New Zealand, where work highlights included earthquake recovery comms and a (no-longer) top-secret flying car project. Outside of work Effie will be at the gym, in the cinema or doing too much online shopping.

Effie Lochrane

Communications Manager

Alexander Cleary Headshot

Our Communications Assistant, Alex previously worked in events marketing and social media back home in Brisbane. Since moving to London, he looks forward to travelling around the UK and Europe with Italy and Spain first on the list.

Alexander Cleary

Communications Assistant

Gianna Figeroux Headshot

Internal Communications Officer, Gianna’s proudest achievement has been publishing original research in the Caribbean’s first communications journal. In her free time, you can find her at the gym preparing for the next year’s carnival, like a true Trini.

Gianna Figeroux

Internal Communications Officer

Aran McKenna Headshot

Aran specialises in website and user interface design for Westco. When he’s not designing, critiquing and enhancing websites, he’s either in the gym, at the pub or supporting his hometown football team Brighton & Hove Albion.

Aran McKenna

Digital Designer

Georgina Knock Headshot

Georgina has gained experience in communications and public health research in the public and private sectors. She enjoys travelling and has worked both in the UK and abroad in Australia and Trinidad. In her spare time, she’ll be in a pair of wellies on her family’s farm in Suffolk.

Georgina Knock

Research Manager

Talima Sellers Headshot

After studying Communications at the University of Leeds, Talima went on to work in Retail and IT before joining Westco as our Internal Communications Officer. When Talima isn’t promoting pride within the business she can be found upcycling old furniture, she’s usually found on the street!

Talima Sellers

Marketing Executive

Shirin Aiyubi Headshot

Since moving to London after growing up in Scandinavia, Shirin has worked in events, finance and even the music industry before becoming Westco’s Operations Lead. When she’s not at Westco Shirin spends her time and energy building her handmade jewellery business.

Shirin Aiyubi

Operations Executive

Alastair Reed Headshot

After joining Westco, Alastair was immediately sent to the 'Grenfell Support' team at Kensington and Chelsea where he works on a weekly publication for the North Kensington community as well as social media management. When he’s not at work, Alastair enjoys photography and the study of architecture.

Alastair Reed

Communications Assistant


Ogilvy Change Headshot

Ogilvy Change is a dedicated behavioural interventions agency, founded to develop and execute behavioural strategies across multiple disciplines. We work with Ogilvy Change to advance tactics for behaviour change campaigns – from improving recycling levels to cost-effective Council tax payment methods.

Ogilvy Change

Behavioral Change Champions

Earth Headshot

Specialists in brand analysis, strategy and innovative messaging, Earth empower their clients to help them discover what they stand for and how to sell it. By coupling our own research with Earth’s expertise, we provide a fully integrated place-making solution.


Place Making Marvels

C_Space Headshot

C_Space is an innovative and creative research firm specialising in online consumer collaboration. We work with C-Space to co-create solutions to the problems our communities face; from working together to develop recycling strategies, to shaping pioneering solutions for youth services.


Online Community Creators

Transmute Headshot

Through strategic digital and social media practices, Transmute help businesses work more effectually, save costs, embed loyalty and create a stronger culture. We work with the experts at Transmute to help others make the most of ever-changing digital marketing opportunities.


Digital Engagement Extraordinaires

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