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Campaign Planning Masterclass series (OASIS model)

with Digital Marketing Expert, Lynette Dixon; and Westco Associate Director, Rishi Moulton

11 - 15 Septmeber 2023
10am - 12pm
£95 + VAT
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Learn how to use the OASIS model to change your audience's behaviour, plan effective campaigns and improve communication strategy.

This 5-day masterclass will guide you through the 'OASIS-Model' best practice method to implement into your campaign delivery. We have taken our experience working with the public sector to understand how we can apply and share knowledge about the OASIS model and lead-outcome-driven campaigns.

The OASIS model, if applied strategically, can positively affect every component of your campaign and increase feedback, outcomes, and the behaviour of your audience beyond the campaign cycle.

The OASIS model consists of:

  • Day 1 - Objective: defining and developing SMART goals for different campaign phases linked to your business imperative
  • Day 2 - Audience insights: getting under the skin of the problem that we are trying to solve, identifying audiences, and targeting them effectively
  • Day 3 - Strategy: defining how you will meet your objectives and develop your creative approach, including an introduction to behaviour change
  • Day 4 - Implementation: delivering a time-specific channel action plan, stakeholder engagement, and working with partners
  • Day 5 - Scoring: developing an evaluation framework capable of giving you real-time data on campaign performance.

Course Takeaways:  

  1. Understanding of how to develop an overarching campaign and strategy 
  2. Understanding of how to target audiences effectively in different ways, based on use of insight
  3. Insights into how to influence behaviour and bring about change, using established thinking
  4. Confidently deliver digital marketing components that are important to the campaign
  5. You will be able to evaluate your campaign and use performance data to optimise delivery.

This course is for:

Campaign managers, Consultation managers, Community outreach teams, Communications officers and managers running consultations and Media relations teams

About the trainer: 

Rishi is a local government market and social research specialist whose work has informed public sector campaigns on health, transport, infrastructure, and the economy.

Lynette Dixon is Westco’s Senior Digital Communications Manager. She started her career in global media and events centred around sustainable development. During her time at Westco, she has specialised in using digital communications to engage with different audiences. Lynette focuses on strategic digital campaigns, social media management, content strategy and email marketing/automation.

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