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Community engagement the Westco way

with Westco Practice Director, Matt Neylan

07 April 2022
9.30am – 1pm
£95 + VAT

Unpack the key elements of engaging the community, from the public sector to stakeholders, in this unique online course. 


Join Practice Manager, Matt Neylan, as he passes on the secrets of Westco's best practice for communication and engagement. Learn how to implement this model in your sector and how you could apply innovative, consultation approaches in key-decision policies. 


Key learnings to take away from this course include: 

  • develop skills in evaluating key metrics in engagement programmes
  • use intelligent tools such as digital platforms to create accessible communication channels with the community
  • identify best-practice methods when engaging with people on large-scale projects
  • discover how Westco's way could be applied to your sector and enhance your current communications and engagement. 

Join us for this half-day course and overcome current communication challenges by turbo-charging your engagement community skills. 


Who should attend? 

Regeneration, communications, engagement and policy professionals working for organisations such as councils and other public service providers. 


About the trainer

Matt has over 15 years of experience in communications, consultation, and engagement within the public and private sectors of regeneration, development, and infrastructure. He has led award-winning campaigns and engagement initiatives on projects and programs. For seven years, he worked in-house with UK local and regional government and has been on the Westco Communications team as a Practice Director for the past five years.

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