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Creating a Memorable Onboarding Experience for Teams

with Experience Strategist, Carolene Méli

 Thu 9 March 2023
10am - 1pm
£95 + VAT

A new take on what it means to welcome new employees to the organisation

It’s no secret that onboarding post-pandemic has changed. Gone are the days where your new team members arrives at the front door of your offices on their first day. From fully remote and hybrid roles now leading the way, creating that first memorable experience for your new team member is not as easy as before.

Join us for a 3 hour look at onboarding in a unique way. We will be drawing inspiration from the worlds of events and entertainment and workshoping together what a great, new onboarding experience could look like for your team. Let’s throw out the new-hire rule book and look at it through fresh eyes.

Course Takeaways:  

  1. Strategies that you can use over and over again to build out a new onboarding experience from scratch
  2. A clearer understanding of the areas within your current onboarding experience that can be improved upon
  3. New ideas for both your remote, hybrid and in-person experiences that are cost effective and easy to implement.

This course is for:

Managers and HR teams in the organisation responsible for onboarding new employees

About the trainer: 

Carolene Méli is an Experience Strategist working with companies globally to create, develop and roll out in-person experiences. She comes from 15 years in the entertainment and events industries, 10 of which were spent on tour with Cirque du Soleil where she specialised in running VIP events across 17 different countries.

She also has a podcast, The Experience Creators, where each week she dives into the world of experience design and shares tips and strategies from expert guests, her own work with clients as well as topics she covered in her group coaching experiences.

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