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Crisis communications masterclass

with Crisis Communication Specialist and Coach, Amanda Coleman

10 - 11 November 2022
10am – 1pm
£95 + VAT

2-day practical training & learning experience provides vital strategic & tactical advice to manage communications in any emergency.


About this event

Are you communicating the right message in a crisis?

Effective communication during an emergency can make the difference between quickly resolving the situation and becoming a nightmare.

Living with crisis is something that all communicators need to be comfortable with post-COVID-19. Being prepared for those events that threaten reputation and confidence in the organisation will help you be more effective in the response. We are living in a time of significant uncertainty, and this course will help you create certainty and resilience in your preparations.

Develop your crisis communications skills with Amanda Coleman in her masterclass for Westco Academy, where she will share how to communicate before, during and after an emergency effectively. You'll learn from recent case studies to uncover the most up-to-date thinking about what makes successful emergency communication.

By the end of this highly interactive two-day course, you'll be able to spot and plan for risks that may impact communication activity, develop a strategy, identify gaps, consider consequence management, trigger points and the long-term implications and recovery.

As a delegate, you will be able to assess your resilience to dealing with an emergency, including decision making under pressure and developing flexibility in implementing your plan. It will guide how to ensure the communication is integral to the business response and how it must operate at a strategic level.

You will have the opportunity to stress-test any existing crisis communication strategy and plan and identify any gaps to ensure you are better prepared. It is an opportunity to review the plan and uncover areas for development. The heart of this will focus on the humanitarian elements of the response both looking at those affected by the events and those dealing with it.

Each training day will challenge your current thinking and open avenues for further development of your emergency planning. It will support creating a road map to develop an emergency communication plan and integrate it within the business.


Key learnings we will cover:

  • Understanding risk and the forms a crisis can take
  • Being crisis ready, preparing for the worst
  • Effective crisis communication response from the first hour to the first few days
  • Learning the lessons and the road to recovery

Key outcomes:

  • Improved awareness of risk management and risk identification
  • A better understanding of crisis communication planning and response
  • Ability to more effectively plan for the future, including long term recovery
  • Ability to write a risk management plan, and a crisis communication strategy
  • Improve understanding of the forms an emergency and crisis can take


This course is perfect for:

Communicators working for organisations such as councils, education bodies and other public service providers, looking to improve their understanding of risk and communications handling in a crisis.


About the trainer

Amanda is the director of the crisis communication consultancy Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd. Based in the UK, she has 20 years of experience in emergency services communication and leading law enforcement communication during a crisis.

In 2017, Amanda led the law enforcement communication response to deal with the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. She has more than two decades of experience in managing crises.

She is the author of Crisis Communication Strategies, published by Kogan Page in May 2020. It brings together advice for preparing for a crisis, dealing with it and moving effectively into the recovery phase. Amanda has worked as a journalist and is a Chartered PR Practitioner and a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations and Communication Association. She is an international speaker on crisis communication.

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