Using data analytics for better decision-making in the public sector

with Dr. James Abdey

Thu, 22 July 2021
10:00 – 13:00 BST
£95 + VAT

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Half-day course empowering public sector managers with skills to make more effective use of data analytics.

About this event

While deep-diving into data can be complex, simple descriptive exercises can go a long way to identify interesting trends, patterns, and relationships that can generate valuable insights.

Change in an organisation comes from the top, so if management can better appreciate the potential for data, they can nurture a data-driven culture. Join us and explore how to make data-driven decisions to help develop your management skills.

By having the chance to enhance your understanding of the basis of robust information, this course aims to help you become more critical of sources of data before making significant decisions.

In this Westco Academy, Dr. James Abdey will guide you through harnessing the power of data, covering:

  • Decision-making in an uncertain world
  • Demonstration of data visualisation and storytelling through dashboards
  • Data integrity: the reliability and validity of data


Key learnings:

  • Gain an understanding of how data analytics can improve the effectiveness of decision-making within a public sector context
  • Learn to interrogate the reliability of data and extract key strategic insights
  • Appreciate the usefulness of data visualisation to communicate findings to relevant stakeholders clearly
  • Develop a working understanding of Tableau
  • Appreciate the possibilities for leveraging data for insights to inform strategic decisions.


Key outcomes:

  • Appreciate the use of data to support decision-making
  • See the use of dashboards to communicate data efficiently and clearly, guiding decision-making processes
  • Understand some of the issues related to data integrity, reliability, and validity.

This course is perfect for: Junior and middle managers and decision-makers in the public sector looking to improve their understanding and integrate the power of data in their roles and thrive in today's data-centric environment


What software or tools do you need?

Tableau is a visual analytics platform which may be downloaded for free. This tool is designed to transform the way we use data to solve problems – Download a free version online at www.tableau.com/en-gb/trial/tableau-software


About the trainer: Dr James Abdey is an Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Statistics, having gained his PhD in 2010 from LSE, asking "To p, or not to p?"! He teaches the department's comprehensive service-level undergraduate courses in mathematical statistics and quantitative methods and elective courses in market research. His research interests include market research techniques and forensic statistics - the interplay of statistics and the law. James has been closely involved with LSE's Summer School and the University of London International Programmes for several years. Outside of academia, he has also worked on various quantitative-based consultancy projects in areas including the art market and the World Gold Council.


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