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Digital and social media marketing for the public sector

with Tiffany St James

18 Nov 2021
9.30am - 1pm
£95 + VAT
Bring your public sector marketing skills into the digital age with our practical and relevant half-day course with Westco Academy
Do you:
  • wonder which digital channels work best at which part of your campaign?
  • get annoyed about not having a clear process to write a digital and social media strategy that works?
  • feel unsure which social media measures to use to prove effectiveness?

Take the morning to let us help you.


Bring your public sector marketing skills up to speed with our practical masterclass to give you the process and experience of delivering your next campaign and countless others.

Digital platforms, including social media, have revolutionised how individuals consume information and interact with councils, education bodies and many other public service providers.

Channels are ever-evolving, with new features and functionality added constantly. Understanding these rapid changes and strategically using different digital channels as part of your marketing and communications can be challenging.

This course will transform your skills, knowledge, confidence, and career. Over 3.5 hours, we'll take you through the digital ecosystem with our tried and tested steps to optimise the proper channels so you can execute more comprehensive strategic marketing swiftly and effectively.

Heavily focused on analysing results, you'll also learn how to measure your marketing endeavours. By the end of the course, you'll be able to confidently and successfully plan your future digital activity and receive feedback on plans.


Key learnings:

  • learn about digital and social media marketing in the public sector
  • understand common to less known channels available and the facilities within these platforms
  • developing a strategy with and how to formulate criteria to serve campaign objectives
  • how to implementation with examples
  • how to measure against a framework.


Key outcomes:

  • identify, understand and explain the concept and ecosystem of digital and social media marketing specific to the public sector
  • identify the most effective channels for your organisation and objectives
  • understand criteria, algorithms and measures and how to increase engagement
  • develop a strategy, implementation plan with measures to evaluate against objectives
  • follow best practice implementation, including channel management and content planning
  • lessons learned through practical examples
  • discuss and receive feedback on future activity and plans


This course is perfect for:

Digital and communications personal, including those working across press and campaigns, working with or for organisations such as councils, education bodies and other public service providers.


About the trainer…

Tiffany St James is Westco's digital and social media strategist and Associate Director of Digital. She has trained over 10,000 people in digital skills in the last five years, has been running consultancies for 18 years and is the Former Head of Social Media, UK Government and Head of Profession for digital engagement. Most recently she was awarded Most Influential Woman in Digital Strategy Consulting 2020.

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