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Emotional intelligence

with Wendy Jocum

8 November 2022 
9am – 10am

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Resilient and emotionally intelligent people manage their own emotions and recognise those in others, to build strong relationships. 

Improved emotional intelligence drives performance, relationships and results.

In this webinar, Wendy Jocum will lead a discussion on the foundational skill of resilience within emotional intelligence and how this has an immediate and positive impact on many areas that are critical to public sectors communications now, more than ever.

We will explore the basis of resilience within emotional intelligence and why the COVID-19 pandemic has been so challenging for those working to deliver campaigns, media and community engagement. We will share practical strategies to help you deal with the fear and uncertainty that change can create, and methods to build resilience.

While introducing emotional intelligence skills to help you respond to change with empathy and authenticity, we will also learn about the source of positive emotions (including resilience), and how each of us can actively develop these emotions for ourselves and those around us.


Within this free webinar, we will explore and discuss:

  • emotional intelligence competencies (awareness and management of self and others)
  • understanding the basis of our emotions (cognitive/physiological)
  • applying the neuroscience of emotions
  • practical tools for emotional intelligence and resilience
  • coping strategies for adapting, dealing with adversity and stress.

This webinar is perfect for:

Digital and communications personal, including those working across press and campaigns, working with or for organisations such as councils, education bodies and other public service providers.


About the trainer:

For more than 30 years, Wendy Jocum has been involved in the field of HR, learning and development, organisational psychology, facilitation and coaching. Her workshops are practical, informative, engaging and experiential.

Wendy is passionate about people development. She inspires people to achieve their potential while enhancing individual, team and organisational performance.

She has numerous qualifications in commerce/business, leadership, management, HR, training, assessment, coaching, and is accredited and certified in various psychometric tools for individual and team development.

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