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Killer creative for behaviour change campaigns

with Westco Executive Creative Director, Jon Lilley

17 March 2022
9.30am - 12.30pm
£95 + VAT

Creative behaviour change that continues beyond the campaign. 

Design your digital content to pick up ambassadors and advocates in real-time. Harness social media to lift your campaigns to new results and targets. 

The field of behaviour change is a new and exciting sector in advertising and communications. It requires an innovative way of thinking and provides insight into understanding how to use it in your strategic marketing campaigns. 

These are some topics you can expect to cover in this course: 

  • unpack creative strategies and utilise techniques required for impactful campaigns
  • learn the latest tools from social media platforms and their relationship with your broader strategic communications plan
  • build successful creative campaigns to grab attention, engage your audiences and make them re-evaluate and change their behaviour. 

Outcomes to take with you moving forward: 

  • tools to create a paradigm shift in your audience's way of thinking
  • effectively use rebel ideas to make creative and innovative campaigns
  • implement ideas to result in long-lasting behaviour change
  • knowledge of resources at your disposal to use in your digital marketing campaigns.

In this compact three-hour course, you will grow your knowledge on the unique nature of creative thinking for behaviour change and develop an understanding of how to create a change that exceeds your KPIs. 

This course is perfect for communications professionals at different levels, who work in the public and charity sectors, or anyone with an interest in affecting behaviour change through creative thinking or creative design. 

About the trainer...

Jon Lilley is a creative director with over 30 years experience in advertising, commercial media and content marketing. Over the course of his career, he has been responsible for numerous award-winning government and COI campaigns, including Alcohol Harm Reduction, Teenage Road Safety, Teacher and Children Recruitment, and many others. Jon now works in the public sector, bringing the skills and strategies he has learned over his career to local government.  

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