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with Consultancy Founder & Digital Industry Educator, Tiffany St James; Co-Founder of Council Advertising Network (CAN), John Paul Danon; and Westco Associate Director, Rishi Moulton

Thu 28 Jul 2022
10am - 3.30pm
£95 + VAT

Paid digital advertising is an integral pillar of any successful public sector communications strategy. By reaching your target communities on third-party platforms where they spend their time online and are most receptive, you increase awareness and ultimately drive more behaviour change.

Join our latest Westco Academy course, designed to help you uncover the trends shaping the future of paid digital advertising and improve your results.

With the number of internet and social media users increasing, there’s never been a better time for the public sector to seriously consider their paid digital advertising efforts as crucial means of communicating, engaging with and enabling an ever-increasing number of connected communities.

Paid digital advertising is a cost-effective marketing method where you can pay a publisher (like a search engine or website owner) each time someone clicks or views your content. It isn’t just for getting your campaigns on the front pages of search engines. You can now advertise on social media and across many websites, platforms and mediums (even Podcasts).

With this approach, you can essentially buy attention and create an awareness feedback loop that amplifies your local presence, rather than the (often long-term) approach of earning it organically. If you’re looking to move the needle, grow and implement an effective digital marketing strategy, join our Westco Academy course to add paid digital advertising into your communications mix.

As organic social traffic decreases and more and more space becomes dedicated to sponsored content, the digital landscape is increasingly becoming a pay-to-play format. To ignore paid digital advertising is to surrender a targeted value for money advantage and overlook a key component of your communication strategy.

After this course, you will:

  • Understand the variety of paid digital advertising available to them
  • Understand the characteristics and strengths of each channel
  • Incorporate paid digital advertising as part of their marketing mix
  • Have experience interrogating briefs and choosing channels
  • Build digital advertising media plans, articulate rationale and choices to deliver objectives

Who should attend?

This is a practical course for anyone working in media and communications in the public sector.

This course is only available via Westco Academy at this price to public sector professionals. If you are from the private sector, please contact Tiffany St James at Transmute to make a booking direct.

About the trainers

Tiffany St. James

Digital and social media strategist

Tiffany St. James has trained over 10,00 people in digital skills in the last five years. She has run her consultancies for 18 years and is the Former Head of Social Media, UK Government and head of profession for digital engagement.

Rishi Moulton

Research Manager

Local government market and social research specialist with over six years experience. During this time, his work has informed public sector campaigns on health, transport, infrastructure, and the economy.

Rishi specialised in applying his knowledge and primary and secondary research to ensure campaigns target the audiences where they will have the most impact; have objectives that will result in tangible outcomes, and address topics in ways that will lead to behaviour change.

John-Paul Danon

Sales Director

John-Paul co-founded CAN (Council Advertising Network) in 2014. He has helped public sector organisations create and run paid digital advertising campaigns ranging across health, waste, recruitment, climate and economy for the last seven years.

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