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Prioritising work and managing time like a pro

with Organisational Psychology, HR and Learning and Development Coach, Wendy Jocum

07, 14 & 21 July 2022
9.30am – 11am
£95 + VAT
Join Wendy Jocum, a world-class coach, who specialises in all areas of 'people development'! Replenish with strategic and practical tools.

About this event

In the fast-paced world, we live and work in, prioritising and self-management are key to success, building relationships and achieving results.

Improve managing yourself and your time, with a three-part virtual workshop of 1.5 hours each. This workshop series uses engaging sessions to improve your productivity and effectiveness. Theory and practical tools are based on best practices, and the latest findings in neuroscience, how we can utilise our brains effectively.

You will discover how to work smarter, prioritise what is important, and manage your energy levels (mental and physical).

Learn time management strategies on how to plan, organise and set realistic priorities, aligned to your individual, team, organisation and personal goals. Learn ways to maintain balance in areas of your life that are important to you.

This virtual workshop series will give you tips and techniques for applying effective time management skills for yourself, whether you are a team member or team leader.

Key learnings:

  • Time management habits and practical tools
  • Productivity and managing energy
  • Prioritising urgent and important
  • Identifying time wasters
  • Goal setting and actions plans
  • Tasks and calendars
  • Managing emails
  • Communication strategies - assertiveness, delegation, teamwork
  • Effective and productive meetings
  • Proactive resilience/self management strategies

Key outcomes:

  • Prioritise and plan, based on importance and urgency
  • Set goals, actions plans and tasks
  • Identify and reduce time wasters
  • Delegate, communicate and work effectively as a team
  • Manage boundaries and expectations by being assertive
  • Improve productivity through practical time management techniques
  • Manage your mental and physical energy for peak performance
  • Engage in proactive self-management strategies, and build resilience

This course is perfect for:

Digital and communications personal, including those working across press and campaigns, working with or for organisations such as councils, education bodies and other public service providers.


About the trainer

For more than 30 years, Wendy Jocum has been involved in the field of HR, learning and development, organisational psychology, facilitation and coaching. Her workshops are practical, informative, engaging and experiential.

Wendy is passionate about people development. She inspires people to achieve their potential while enhancing individual, team and organisational performance.

She has numerous qualifications in commerce/business, leadership, management, HR, training, assessment, coaching, and is accredited and certified in various psychometric tools for individual and team development.

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