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Research, evaluation and insight done right

with Jen Compton

Thu 11 Nov 2021
9.30am – 1pm
£65 + VAT

This course unlocks the importance of evidence-based, data-driven campaigns and providing evidence of success. Join Jen Compton and Rishi Moulton to master developing audience personas, insight, analytics, and evaluation.


Do you find that:

  • at the outset of designing and delivering your campaign, you have to use anecdotes or assumptions on aspects such as who your target audience is and how they behave, the best channels to reach them on, and the most effective messages to use with them?
  • or that during the life cycle of your campaign, it can be difficult to know how well it is doing, whether that be how many hits or shares it is getting in the media, if it is indeed reaching the target audiences and whether the campaign’s messages are resonating and working?
  • or maybe after your campaign ends, it’s sometimes difficult to determine how successful it really was, whether it met its objectives, did it reach the key intended audiences, and what can you learn from it to take forward as best practice in future campaigns.

We can help you:

  • better understand the audience(s) your campaign is targeting and how best to reach them

  • use evidence to inform and focus on the planning of your campaign and activity

  • monitor the success of your campaign throughout, but also ensuring your campaign can implement mitigations if needed

  • demonstrate the key successes and impacts of your campaign and how well it met its objectives

  • use your evaluation learning from your campaign to inform your future work and activity

Key outcomes:
  • identify, target and reach the right audience(s) for your campaign 

  • better use evidence to underpin your strategic campaign planning 

  • monitor the success of your campaign while also ensuring your campaign can be reactive and implement changes where needed

  • showcase the key successes and impacts of your campaign against the objectives

  • use key learnings to inform future campaign strategies

 This event will be held in two 1.5 hour parts, covering parts covering audience insight from 9.30 - 11am followed by evaluation, analytics and reporting from 11am - 1pm.


Who should attend?

This is a practical course for anyone working in communications in the public sector including media, campaigns and community engagement. 

About the trainer

Jen Compton

Research Director

Jen is an experienced Research Director having worked across research, engagement and data analysis methodologies in the public and charity sectors for the last 15 years. She has particular expertise in the local government research arena, and has worked on campaigns on areas such as reputation, leisure and sports, housing, infrastructure and public realm, environmental and social services.

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