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Research, evaluation and insight done right

with Westco Director of Research, Jen Compton

 Thu 9 November 2023
9.30am - 1pm
£95 + VAT
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Get excited about data and learn the secrets of understanding the intelligence around evidence-based campaigns.

In this unique research and evolution online course, improve your outcomes by interpreting analytics and audience insights in real-time.

Research and evolution shouldn't happen only at the beginning and at the end of a campaign. Your campaigns have real-time data that could result in small  pivots to improve your results tenfold if identified correctly. The process should be living ecosystems woven into every step of your campaign or project.

Join Research Director, Jen Compton, and Research Manager, Rishi Moulton, for this half-day course to explore how to use evidence to better inform and focus campaigns.

Course Takeaways:  

  1. Valuable information on identifying, targeting, and reaching the right audiences by examining and understanding the research data to a new depth.
  2. Crucial learnings and showcase successes and impacts against the objectives of your campaigns.

This course is for:

Any professional working within the communication field can benefit from the course, especially professionals from the public sector involved in campaigns and community engagements. 

About the trainer: 

Jen Compton has over 15 years of experience in research and customer insights. She has worked across different sectors, including engagement and data analytics methodologies in the public and charity sectors. As the Director of Research at Westco, she's developed specialised expertise in the local government research arena. Jen has worked on campaigns with various audiences, including leisure, sports, housing infrastructure, and social services.  

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