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Using foresight to think about the UK in 2030

with Robin Pharoah

Thu, 29 April 2021
16:00 – 17:00 BST

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Join us on a thought-provoking session on the emerging trends shaping the future of the UK over the next 10 years with Robin Pharoah.


As communications experts, we need to keep a finger on the pulse of a number of different areas. From national and local politics or climate change, through to healthcare and transport, we need to have enough knowledge to make sure the communications we are sending carry the right message. Using professional foresight can help us to research in the right areas and get ahead of the game.


What will the UK be like in 2030 when the nation is post-Covid, post-Brexit and post-Johnson? When there is much speculation on what the next twelve months may bring, some are also looking ahead to prepare for the longer term. Based on numerous discussions with a wide range of experts across the UK in late 2020, Robin Pharoah - Director of Global Insight at Future Agenda - will explore what the future has prepared for us in a 2-hour webinar at Westco Academy.


This webinar is designed for communication experts in the UK:

• Heads of Communications

• Directors of Communications

• Senior communications managers

• Campaign Managers

• Account Managers

• individuals in Leadership positions in public

• NHS organisations, including central government.


About the Course Leader

Dr. Robin Pharoah is the Founder of Encounter Consulting, which focusses on research, strategy and transformation in local government and public service delivery. Robin has played a key role in recent programmes focusing on the future value of data and authored the key output of the ‘future of digital identity’ global open foresight programme. He is also recognised as one of the early pioneers of anthropological and ethnographic techniques in applied research and innovation settings. After completing his PhD on the anthropology of Chinese leadership in 2004, he founded a multiple-award-winning research agency specialising in using these methods in the UK and beyond.

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