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These unique offerings allow us to reach our almost 200-member community each quarter with new topics and experts to learn from. But we know that everyone learns in different ways and has different schedules and availability, so we are continuously on the lookout for ways to offer a more blended learning experience for our learners. First, we started with the addition of Comms Café, a monthly virtual meet-up, focused on showcasing new campaigns and initiatives in the UK and beyond. And now the new offerings continue. 

We have just introduced 4 asynchronous courses to the platform, led by Tiffany St James, Westco's Digital and Social Media Strategist and Associate Director of Digital. 

New Ideas 

This short, self-paced course helps you to develop your creative muscles and gives you a complete end-to-end new process for developing new ideas. Read more about this course.  

Presenting and Public Speaking 

Whether you need help with memorising presentations, tips for keeping you calm before walking on stage or polishing your skills on screen and in-person, this short, self-paced course helps you deliver more professional presentations by sharing the key tips that are tried and tested by public keynote speakers. Read more... 

Productivity Tools

This short, self-paced course dives into understanding which free planning tools are available, which ones to choose for what you are trying to deliver and some key shortcuts in using them. What you learn will support any business or personal project you are working on individually or as part of a team. Learn more.  

Social Media Channels

Understanding social media channels, audiences and features and how they differ from each other is critical for living in our mobile-first world. This short, self-paced course lays out the most popular social media channels, their audiences, the facilities and tools they have, and what works best on the platform. Want to know more? 

Why choose an asynchronous, Westco Academy course? 

Throughout the pandemic, asynchronous courses had their moment to shine. Although asynchronous learning existed long beforehand, this modality was able to step out of the education system and into the homes of anyone and everyone with an internet connection. Finding new ways to learn became almost effortless as a result. 

Here at the Academy, we recommend enrolling in a mix of courses that are virtual and live, in-person and of course asynchronous to get the most out of your learning and development journey, but since we’ve just launched our new asynchronous courses, here are 3 reasons to sign up to one of these offerings:

  1. These courses are video based and once enrolled, you have lifetime access. So whenever you want to revise the content, you can jump straight back in. No need to wait for a specific day or time. 
  2. Speaking of days and times, these courses can be taken whenever and wherever you like. All you need is an internet connection, allowing you to learn when it suits you best. 
  3. Learn at your own pace - Don’t have time to sit down for a 3-hour block? No worries. Breakdown your learning into blocks that suit you best. Implement what you pick up and then return to the content to strengthen your skills. 

Start your learning journey now! 



Westco Academy Team

The 2023 lineup of Westco Academy currently includes 18 live, virtual courses and two in-person courses in Leeds and in London spread throughout the year. 


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