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To complement the national campaign by the Central Government and the NHS encouraging people to take up the Vaccine, we have created a campaign strategy and assets free to use on your own channels at zero cost.

Campaigns, such as the COVID Vaccination, have a common purpose, and it makes perfect sense for councils to share resources, rather than investing significant time and resources into individual campaigns. This pack of materials has been designed to be shared on your communication channels and can be used alongside your own content.


As a recommended approach, we have teamed up with the Council Advertising Network (CAN) to provide councils with the ability to reach highly targeted audiences beyond your own digital estate in a highly effective and low-cost way using programmatic advertising. This is the best way to engage specific population clusters by allowing councils to define their audience by age, demography and location. A real-time evaluation provides you with data on how many people you are engaging and where.


Westco and CAN will use this data to advise councils on the most effective messages and tactics. Westco can also help you research local perceptions around the vaccination, using the data and insight to precisely target the campaign.

Download the assets here:

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You can also access the assets via Google Drive:


Update: New Content

Since the campaign has launched and the vaccine roll out has begun to reach younger audiences, we've used insight from the campaign's performance and further research into audience groups to develop a new set of assets. These cover specific hesitations including fertility, breast feeding and perceptions of being low risk. We have also produced assets which specifically address concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots. As with previous assets, these have all been approved by the NHS. The assets are available to download in the links below


Download Additional Assets

For more information contact Simon Jones

Please note that use and application of any material provided by Westco for vaccination campaign purposes is the sole responsibility of the recipient local authority/user organisation and subject to its own quality assurance and decision-making procedures.

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