But with each year that passes, it can feel like there’s even more to consider.

Having a strategy in place to inform and reassure your audiences, as well as applying some of the principles normally reserved for crisis comms situations could serve you well this winter.

Here’s why…

You’re used to handling multiple, complex issues; the type of stuff that can’t get ‘fixed’ quickly or easily. And, whilst there are the seasonal knowns such as winter wellness and keeping people safe during bad weather, will Covid re-emerge with a vengeance? Or will extreme weather hit due to our changing climate? One thing’s for sure - managing the effects of the ongoing cost of living crisis, which will no doubt feel more acute in the coming months. When you’re faced with communicating these kinds of challenges, business as usual activity starts to seem more like juggling a series of mini crises.

A few quick wins…

  • Get ready to brigade your resource around the priority issues and service teams and think about the extra help you might need to bring in on an interim basis to support your team. Your ‘winter comms hub’ can then be deployed quickly and easily.
  • Empower communities to take appropriate action by demonstrating compassion and reassurance via your spokespeople and offer support to navigate the help available.
  • Issue real-time, simple messages and signposting which align with operational activity to ensure critical messages stand out from the noise.

As Comms professionals we like to encourage debate, so if the above resonates with you please do get in touch. Equally, if you would like to share your own ideas it would be great to hear your thoughts.



For council Heads of Comms there’s always a lot to think about – especially at this time of year.


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