Fostering marketing, recruitment and retention

Across the UK there continues to be a huge demand for foster placements, a situation that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.  

Many local authorities are being forced to make increased use of independent fostering agencies as well as residential care. In a ‘living-with COVID-19 environment’ it is more important than ever for councils to expand their own in-house fostering capabilities.

We have created a campaign strategy and assets that you can quickly deliver on the ground to help recruit more foster carers.

Our ready-to-go campaign includes:

  • Use research and insight to help identify and target audiences by understanding which segments of the population are more likely to become a foster carers and why.
  • Detailed profiles of the target audience to get to know them and understand how we are most likely to influence.
  • Use of a behaviour change model to develop our content strategy to build awareness and convert that into active consideration and acquisition.
  • Digital customer journey mapping which builds, maintains and coverts interest using various tactics, including myth busting and third party advocacy.
  • Content assets for every stage of the customer journey which can be localised, including films, animations, stills and templates.
  • Media buying to ensure spend is used most efficiently and effectively.
  • An implementation plan over a recommended 12-week period. 
  • Live evaluation which will show and allow you to benchmark campaign spend against reach, interactions, enquiries and applications.

Optional additional services include:

  • Customer journey review to optimise the efficiency of your strategy from front door to assessment and beyond.
  • Optimisation of your digital estate or development of a microsite
  • Full delivery of implementation plan.
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The campaign strategy and assets can be accessed for less than £5,000 or made available to you free if you use us for media buying (minimum spend of £25,000). Alternatively, why not let us deliver the campaign for just £325 a day? 

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