Social care recruitment made simple, cost-effective and results-driven

The UK social care sector will need to fill 490,000 adult social care jobs in the next 13 years. The Westco and CAN Social Care Recruitment Campaign Hub brings together councils to share costs, share data and access FREE resources to help make your recruitment campaigns more effective. Let's meet the 2035 challenge head-on!

The campaign aims to help local authorities increase the social care workforce and fill vacancies by promoting the career opportunities that exist in social care and aligning recruitment efforts with values-based messaging.


As part of the benefits you obtain by joining the social care recruitment hub, you will automatically be invited to all the webinars Westco and CAN hosts relating to the sector in which specialists will unpack tips and ideas to best manage your campaign and achieve your goals as well as give you insight on different projects and success stories.

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Examples of creative work from the campaign pack


What can you expect from joining the Social Care Campaign Hub?

  • updates and networking invites to webinars on social care recruitment campaigns, presented by adult social care, recruitment and communications experts
  • a  social care campaign toolkit with access to premium digital marketing including social media content, bespoke microsites and packages for paid advertising
  • expert audit of your social care digital marketing strategies and support to ensure your recruitment campaign is highly targeted, cost-effective and results-driven
  • access to benchmarking and live campaign data.

A smarter way to do campaigns

By sharing resources, data and analytics, the Campaign Hub approach maximises digital advertising through strategic insight led campaigns with the highest return for social care recruitment. This service is only available to councils and council-owned services.


Campaign Hub has brought together 180+ councils, across four campaigns, generating over five million interactions from twenty million citizens to date. 

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