Increasing COVID-19 mass testing

We have created a campaign which is designed to overcome behavioural barriers for mass testing and surge testing.

The strategy has been developed using the Government Communication Service’s OASIS framework, which includes:

Objective setting, with the ability to reach and engage 95% of your target audience within 48 hours.

Audience insight, which sets out and acts on the barriers/motivators to being tested.

Strategy, developed using a behaviour change model to convert awareness into support and action

Implementation, with a vast library of content assets that you are free to use targeted at different groups,

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We have teamed up with the Council Advertising Network (CAN) to provide you with the ability to reach highly targeted audiences by placing advertising and content on websites and social media that they are using. Programmatic Advertising allows you to precisely target your audience by age, demography, and location with real time data to monitor effectiveness.

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