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Wondering what we have planned for the creatives? 

This digital marketing campaign's resources include three creative concepts:

Umbrella of support, Be More Owl, and Empowering. 

Umbrella of Support

This route uses an umbrella as a symbol of the wide range of support that is available to people experiencing hardships, referred to as the 'financial storm'. This is brought to life using animation that transitions from stormy clouds into a bright and hopeful look and feel, to accompany a range of signposting messages. 

Why this approach?

This route is easy to adapt, in incorporating messaging about different types of support, and the umbrella is a great symbol to use when it comes to de-stigmatisation; after all, there is no stigma attached to carrying an umbrella - it's a sensible thing to have. 

The endline, "See out the financial storm", also helps people feel more receptive to take up support as it will not be forever - just to help them through the rough patch. 

There are seven different animations in this campaign.

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Be more Owl

We have created an ostrich character as a mascot to deliver helpful tips and advice. In a memorable twist, instead of acting like an ostrich (who might bury its head in the sand), our character adopts wise 'owl-like' behaviours, seeking help and getting advice on how to navigate the financial crisis, which they helpfully share with others. The memorable visuals and personality create a platform to communicate a range of messages and tips. 

Why this approach?

Animal characters are proven to boost engagement in campaigns - you only need to look at the iconic Compare the Meercat or the Churchill Dog campaigns. In our case, having a strong recognisable character will help to deliver a range of messages with personality and warmth (messages that people might otherwise choose not to engage with). The universal appeal of the character also allows us to remove the stigma of getting help. It signifies that this is a campaign for everyone, not just extreme cases. 

There are four different animations in this campaign.
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One symptom of hardship is feeling out of control and helpless. This creative route tackles that by making people feel empowered and highlighting the many different types of help that are available. The look and feel of the content assets reflect the empowering language, making use of bold typography, a striking fluorescent colour palette, and simple graphic icons. 

Why this approach? 

The empowering language and distinct look and feel have the potential to cut through the notice across all channels and reframe getting help as being empowered.

There are eight different creatives (carousel and animations) in this campaign. 

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