Cost of living support

The cost of living crisis is squeezing millions of households across the UK. As prices soar and families struggle to make ends meet, councils are working together to help residents under pressure. Help your residents access the support they need with this plug-and-play campaign.

Tackling the cost of living crisis

The Cost of Living Support Campaign aims to help eligible residents access the estimated £15bn in unclaimed entitlements. By sharing resources and pooling media spend, you can deliver a high-impact behaviour change campaign for less.



The free toolkit gives you access to research, strategy, creative content, implementation plans, and evaluation measures.



Includes social media assets, leaflets, posters, digital out-of-home displays, and video content to run your own campaign.



Get access to best practice webinars, benchmarking results, and campaign updates for continuous campaign improvement.



Optimised programmatic advertising to signpost support through a combination of highly-targeted creative and messaging.

Here is what you need to know

Access campaign resources, including research, strategy, creative content, implementation plans, and evaluation measures. Everything is ready to plug-and-play.

Do I have to pay to join?

  • No, joining the hub includes FREE access to the toolkit, hub, and webinars

Will this approach work?

  • This is a tried and tested campaign. ROI on equivalent campaigns in the care sector show annual savings of £500,000.

Are there add-on costs?

  • With digital media spend, you get FREE creative assets, video content, and benchmarking dashboards
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“The quality of your communication determines the size of your result.”

– Meir Ezra

Three different creative campaigns for you use

This digital marketing campaign's resources include three creative concepts:

Umbrella of support, Be More Owl, and Empowering. 

Umbrella of Support

Be more Owl


From remarketing to benefits calculators, this campaign uses proven tactics to help people navigate their support options. Data from live campaigns is already revealing the top-performing tactics and the messages that are seeing the most success. Sign up to see what’s working.