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North East London CCG Same Day Urgent Care

NHS North East London CCG approached us to create a ‘Same day urgent care’ campaign to inform residents how they can access same-day urgent care. We developed a visual and linguistic identity in line with the NHS brand and applied it to print, social media, and web assets along with an animation.
The animation took people through the journey of deciding how to deal with illness, whether it can be cured at home or if a visit to the Pharmacist, Doctor or A&E is needed.
The social media assets included display ads and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Nextdoor assets. To better engage residents we also created a series of Instagram quizzes which asks common questions, and gives the answers, on how you should deal with any illnesses.
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We also created an animated Digital 6 Sheet Poster which helped engage passers by to improve the reach of the messaging, and created assets for a mobile van screen.
An A5 and A4 flyer were also produced to reach those less likely to be online.
Web assets were also created to carry the same messaging to the NHS website