Recruitment service

Let us help you find the best available communication talent in the market

Recruiting and retaining the best possible Communications talent is must for all local authorities, especially given that your reputation and your ability to engage and empower staff, community and partners rests on attracting the right individual.  


Communications is no longer a “support” service. It is a critical function, a custodian of the Council’s reputation and an enabler of its relationships with the people and organisations it serves and works with. Success rests on the ability to recruit someone with strong leadership skills, passion, political nous, a strategic mindset, drive and, most of all,  a desire to continually learn and evolve communication practice.


Westco Communications has 20 years’ experience of supporting communication-led improvement in local government. In our time we have served more than 15 million people across 50-plus councils, combined authorities and housing associations, placing and supporting more than 110 senior professionals. We have delivered more than 40 communication reviews, providing Leaders and CEOs with trusted advice on how to develop strategic communication skills and competencies. Our best-in-class templates and guidance is widely used across local and central government.  


Our recruitment support service is cost effective… and we go well beyond what others provide. A Director of Communications-level resource will: 

  • Advise and develop the recruitment process; 
  • Develop or strengthen JDs and job profiles; 
  • Develop the job advert and accompanying information, linked to an organisational narrative; 
  • Place the job advert in the most effective media, including across our networks free of charge; 
  • Carry out targeted engagement to attract the best candidates; 
  • Advise on candidate selection at each stage of the process; 
  • Provide a point of contact and liaise with candidates throughout the process; 
  • Run the assessment process at every stage; 
  • Provide technical advice to the recruitment panel;  
  • Provide candidate feedback; 
  • Support your candidate in the first three months with free mentoring and advice, including access to our best-in-class templates, guidance and processes.  

The outcome will be a thoroughly professional and rigorous process to ensure that you select the best candidate with the right skills and experience. What’s more, we will ensure that the successful person has access to a support and advice network in those all-important early months.