Hub support services

The Hub is a sharing and learning zone, making it easier than ever for councils to plug into resources and evolve your marketing strategy based on what is or isn't working.

This campaign includes:

  • free campaign strategy
  • free content assets for your marketing channels if you use us for digital media buying
Take a look at the creative assets

We also offer campaign delivery and implementation as an optional extra, which could include any of the following:

  • digital media buying
  • localised assets (local photography) with your look and feel
  • local content creation (case studies)
  • local development of microsite at a reduced cost.
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Campaign toolkit

Microsite creation 

Media buying

This campaign toolkit is designed to help you and your organisation plan and implement strategic digital marketing tactics to maximise marketing efforts and make your recruitment campaigns more effective. Ready to achieve your social care recruitment goals? 

A bespoke microsite can be created, at an additional cost, for your specific campaign. The microsite will consist of your branding, as well as the various campaigns included. We can chat in-depth about what is possible and how we can reach your objectives.

Showing your creatives at the right time to the right people is extremely important. Media buying can be very expensive and wasteful if not done correctly. Do it right with CAN and ensure the success of your campaign.

SCR Campaign Toolkit
Bespoke Microsite creation
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View & Download the toolkit
Enquire about a Microsite
Enquire about media buying

Creative assets

Your creatives and designs as the most important pillar in your campaign. Our creative team put together concepts that are not only sticking but also speaks to the nature of social care and the benefits of working in the industry. You have access to an array of social media creatives, print designs, video content, display adverts, case studies, and more. Each concept was carefully researched and created to ensure it engages your target market and triggers the wanted effect. 

You can request bespoke assets from our creative team to ensure your campaign performs at its best. 


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