West End LIVE

West End LIVE is the biggest free theatre event in the world, hosted by Westminster City Council in partnership with the Society of London Theatre. Each year more than 400,000 people flock to Trafalgar Square for this two-day musical extravaganza, featuring spectacular performances from just about every major West End musical.
Since its inception in 2005, Westco Creative has worked with the council's events team to create a theme for the show, then design and produce all the marketing and communications material. What started as a one-day event in Leicester Square has now grown to a whole weekend of entertainment.
With an event of this size, we need ideas that are scalable and can be produced in many iterations. Initially we design the press and poster advertisements that will run everywhere from London Underground stations and buses, to adverts in the national press.
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 11.30.24 AM

A microsite with countdown timer runs from several months before all the way to the event day. We run a social media campaign at the same time, unveiling the acts as they confirm, building excitement and anticipation.
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We created a wide range of assets to promote the event on social media during the build up and over the course of the weekend including a Snapchat filter.
2019 was the biggest event ever with more than 500,000 attending over the two days. The campaign really took off and the microsite received 71,800 unique visitors over the 4 weeks before the event. The digital campaign had a reach of 2,426,000 over the same period.


attendees over the two days, making last year the biggest event yet


unique visitors to the campaign microsite over the 4 weeks before the event


is the reach the digital campaign had over the same period