Westco Academy training course Campaign planning masterclass

Campaign Planning Masterclass Series (OASIS model)

with Executive Director of Communications, Simon Jones; Westco Executive Creative Director, Jon Lilley; and Westco Senior Digital Communications Manager, Lynette Dixon

12, 14 & 16 February 2024
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
£95 + VAT
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Learn how to use the OASIS model to change your audience's behaviour, plan effective campaigns and improve communication strategy. 

This 3-day masterclass will guide you through the 'OASIS-Model' best practice method to implement into your campaign delivery. We have taken our experience working with the public sector to understand how we can apply and share knowledge about the OASIS model and lead-outcome-driven campaigns. 

The OASIS model, if applied strategically, can positively affect every component of your campaign and increase feedback, outcomes, and the behaviour of your audience beyond the campaign cycle. 

The OASIS model consists of: 

  • Objective: defining and developing SMART goals for different campaign phases linked to your business imperative
  • Audience insights: getting under the skin of the problem that we are trying to solve, identifying audiences, and targeting them effectively
  • Strategy: defining how you will meet your objectives and develop your creative approach, including an introduction to behaviour change
  • Implementation: delivering a time-specific channel action plan, stakeholder engagement, and working with partners
  • Scoring: developing an evaluation framework capable of giving you real-time data on campaign performance.

Each session within the series will run from 10am - 12:30pm daily, covering the elements that makeup OASIS: 

  • Monday: Objectives and Audience Insight (Simon Jones)
  • Wednesday: Creative strategy and behaviour change (Jon Lilley)
  • Friday: Implementation and evaluation (Lynette Dixon)

These courses are specifically designed for: 

  • Campaign managers
  • Consultation managers
  • Community outreach teams
  • Communications officers and managers running consultations
  • Media relations teams
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