City Lions

Westminster City Lions is a programme designed to get more of Westminster’s young people, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, interested in the creative industries. Westco Creative’s challenge was to develop a brand and create an advertising campaign that would encourage 13-19 year olds in Westminster to get involved.
This target audience is notoriously difficult to engage, so it was really important to create a campaign that didn’t talk down to them or sound like it came from the council. The branding needed to be aspirational without feeling elitist or the promises unobtainable. We needed to show that this was an inclusive project.
The idea for the posters was to show the young person as they are now, with their chosen creative career drawn in over the image. Thereby visualizing them in their future.
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.10.32 PM
This treatment was carried through to the microsite and other creative assets, view the site citylions.org
We created a Snapchat filter that allowed a user to superimpose an image of their ideal career on top of their photo.


Young people engaged through campaign


Young people have engaged in City Lions workshops 


Young people registered on website at launch
We knew the target audiences primary method of accessing the Internet is mobile, so the Lion’s head logo chosen was a simple icon that worked as a digital-first design. The spectrum colour scheme symbolized creativity.During the design process we decided to create an original typeface to use in headlines on posters and online, to make the messages stand out further.