Recruit smarter to fix the social care shortage

Social care recruitment is and has been a high-priority activity for m... Read more

Lunch and Learn: Pre-budget engagement

In this webinar, our panellists discuss how to run a successful pre-bu... Read more

Champion of champions

In early 2022, the Government gave 60 local authorities funding to hel... Read more

Making sure that our interims work for you

Let’s face it: finding and selecting a candidate for a job isn’t alway... Read more

What are the digital skills needed for a communications team and how can an interim help?

Future is bright – the future is digital Do you struggle to find the r... Read more

Interims engage for success!

Through Westco, I joined Hounslow Council in May 2021 as an interim Co... Read more

The true costs (and benefits) of entering business awards

With any business decision you need to weigh up the pros and cons befo... Read more

Into the unknown… What do you want?

Now, you may have not had to resource a research interim before, you a... Read more

Work from Glasgow? You’re Havering a laugh!

I am probably one of the Westco Works ‘old timers’.... I have been par... Read more

How to enter and win awards

Louise Turner is a communications professional who runs Awards Writers... Read more

We’ve all been there right – on both sides of the fence!

If there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t either done a bad interview ... Read more

We are on the hunt – but what are we looking for?

Westco are always on the look-out for brilliant communicators, designe... Read more

Hit the right tone for vocational hiring

We all know that there are some careers that people want to do for the... Read more

Sourcing a creative expert

Sourcing a creative expert for a role or project can be a nebulous and... Read more

Onboarding your new starters – remotely

We all remember the good old days when a bright-eyed new starter arriv... Read more

The challenge with the social care sector

In May 2022, Skills for Care released updated workforce tracking data ... Read more

A light in the dark of the cost of living crisis

Having recently launched the Cost of Living Support hub and toolkit, a... Read more

A day in a life of a communications agency interim staff

Last year I was asked by Westco to take on one of the most challenging... Read more

Harnessing the power of influencer marketing for the public sector

Influencer marketing is on the rise, with brands projected to spend ov... Read more

Managing your interims – in reality

Every communications leader hits that moment where they have a vacancy... Read more

Foster carer recruitment - the difference made by digital

Many local authorities are looking to recruit more foster carers direc... Read more

Flex your team with interim staff

Flex verb: put a (skill, talent, or ability) to use. We’re all familia... Read more

Foster carer recruitment - increasing challenges and how to address them

Foster care recruitment is an increasingly important issue for local a... Read more

Recruiting challenges in communications – post COVID-19

If there could be an award for outstanding contribution over the past ... Read more

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